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Surgical Reconstruction Chapters

  • Anderson JJ. (2009). Bone Grafting and Ortho biologics for Reconstruction of the Diabetic Lower Extremity. T Zgonis. (Ed 1). Surgical Reconstruction of the Diabetic Foot and Ankle. (pp 238-301). Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Lippincott Willams and Wilkins.  
  • Anderson JJ, Zgonis T. (2009). Bone Growth Stimulation in Complex Diabetic Reconstructive Surgery. T Zgonis. (Ed 1). Surgical Reconstruction of the Diabetic Foot and Ankle. (pp 302-314). Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Lippincott Willams and Wilkins.

Poster Presentations at ACFAS Conferences

  • Chronic and Refractory Plantar Faciitis Treatment with Single-Dose Dehydrated Amniotic Allograft Injection
  • Repair of Peroneal Brevis Tendon with and without us of Human Pericardial Graft: A Retrospective Comparative Study. Does the graft improve patient outcome?
  • Lateral Column Fusion for Late Lis Franc Arthrosis
  • Talar Allograft for Posttraumatic Ankle Arthritis
  • Double Fusion Technique for Combined 1st MTPJ and 1st TMTJ Pathology
  • Sural Fasciocutaneous Flap for Chronic Anterior Ankle Wound
  • Staged Fixation Techniques for Severe Tib-Fib Fractures
  • The Ankle Stirrup Splint for Post-Operative Immobilization
  • Acute Repair of Anterior Tibial Artery and Extensor Tendons
  • Cavus Foot Reconstruction
  • Pediatric Desyndactyly
  • Supramalleolar Osteotomy
  • Tibia and Fibular Malunion Reconstruction
  • Tibia and Fibular Nonunion Reconstruction

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